2019 Cruising Plans (Revised)

So following on from the last post, I’m sure you’ll appreciate that our plans for this year have had to be curtailed, along with some major decisions around our equipment (the boat not our personal equipment!.

So as mentioned Helen’s nursing her knee in the UK, I am being Joined by Ian, of the Ian and Dawn “Saint-martin-de-re” post  He will join me in St Lucia around the 24th Feb, we’ll spend a couple of Days, prepping and provisioning, then head off to the north of Martinique, probably St-Pierre, then across to Portsmouth in Dominica, then in Dashaies in Guadeloupe (where they film “Death in Paradise”) probably stopping over a night or two here and there on the way, before sailing across to Antigua to meet Helen around the 1st week of March.

Once we have Helen on Board well sort our route up to Nassau in the Bahamas to Pick up Dawn before heading over to Fort Lauderdale. I’m then going to pop back to the UK around the 3rd of April, for my 6 month Diabetes Check-up, Helen, Dawn & Ian will then take the boat up to Jacksonville in Florida, where they will catch their flight back to the UK (about 8-10 days later). We then return to the boat the end of April to carry out a fairly major Refit to the Electrics, Check out the plan here

So in short what does this mean, well we had intended to take a slow meander up the Island chain and invite guys to come and visit enroute, but with the refit and Helens Knee, we’ve sort of lost a chunk off our season (Our insurance company Pantaenius, says we have to be up beyond of 30.5 degrees North, which is in the middle of nowhere, called sweet water lake?) which ends on the 30 June 2019 as this is the start of Hurricane season. Depending on how quick the refit takes we may have an opportunity to shot back across to the Bahamas, if not we’ll just keep on travelling north up the east coast during the summer.

Click on the map for a clearer version


  1. Sorry to hear the bad news about Helen. However, it sounds like plans are not being curtailed too much and you will be back to sailing as a couple soon.

    I love the battle born battaries but as you say, only for serious cruisers owing to cost(!).

    Keep up the good work and keep sailing.



    1. Thanks Alan, hopefully getting together with Ryan for a beer in the next or so, almost a bloody native I’ve ben her so long!

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