The End

Allegrini has been sold, her name will eventually be changed by the new owner and she will disappear from all records from that point on.

That said she will never be forgotten by us and many of those that have sailed on her and alongside her, we have had the pleasure of owning her for nearly 10 years, have lived on her for 5 of those years, and traveled not far short of 15000 miles on her, she was for us and will be for the new owners an amazing yacht!

Anyone who has or does own a “473” they will know exactly what I mean, apparently according to a member of the Group Finot Design team who we met in Falmouth just before we left in 2018, commented that Jean Marie Finot said it was his best boat design. She served us so well, we will miss her dearly.

The purpose of this blog, pictures, and videos was to record our trip around the world in her, which was sadly cut short by covid, we bought her back from the USA with the view of sailing around the med for another few years, but the truth is our Finca project has just sucked up all of our time and she has bobbed around in Altea Marina for the last year and we haven’t sailed her once.

This is no way to treat a boat of this calibre, particularly as she was fitted out to sail great passages, so we decided to sell her and give her a new lease of life. We’re pleased to say we have found the perfect owner for her, a couple who intend to sail her around the med for a year or so before heading back across the Atlantic again on a new adventure into the blue waters of the Caribbean.

This site will remain up for a short period of time after this post but will either morph into our finca site or just close down.


Thank you to all of you that have followed us, commented, encouraged, laughed at us, and with us over the years, some of you have turned into friends, and some of you already were and still remain our friends.

For anyone considering cruising a yacht, don’t hesitate, do it now, it is one of the most incredible communities you will come across, it has bought us some of the most amazing adventures we could have ever dreamed of and made us some amazing friends for life, sure you get a few weirdos, but takes one to know one!

Steve and Helen




  1. The sale of the yacht must feel bitter sweet. Such good memories created on her but her legacy will be the funds from the sale allowing you to complete the finca as you would really like to.

    Here’s to the next chapter.

  2. Dear Steve & Helen. We’ve followed your blog right from the very start and shared with all your highs and lows. From the preparation, retiring from your jobs, to crossing the Atlantic with the ARC. You have been an absolute inspiration to my wife and I. Although it must be sad to say goodbye to “Allergrini” this is now a new chapter in your lives and going back to living on land was always going to be the inevitable. You now have the opportunity to enjoy your finca. We would be very interested to follow the progress on your finca. All the best to you both. Kindest regards Daryl & Shirley (Dream Catcher)

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