About Us

We are Helen and Steve.  We’ve been working and living in London and are ready to follow the winds wherever our boat will take us.  This is the start of a 3 year plan for us to get Allegrini ready for our adventure. We are still learning but we can’t get enough of the sea and sailing and can’t wait to go, but we aren’t sailors – we are cruisers,

Our definition between a sailor and a cruiser is; ;-)

A Sailor is;

  • Someone who loves to sail, at any price, fair weather or gale force winds.
  • Never starts their motor unless absolutely necessary.
  • Goes out sailing, just for the fun of it, even if its just up and down on a rainy day.
  • Loves being at 45 degs all the time!
  • Doesn’t have or want any of the trappings of home. (TV, Air Con, 240v)
A Cruiser is;
  • Someone who loves to sail, but only to get somewhere.
  • Someone who enjoys the arriving at a new port, than sometimes the sail to it.
  • If on a journey theres no wind, starts the engine. (except in an Ocean)
  • Someone who adds the little extras that make life aboard more pleasant. (TV, Air Con, 240v, etc etc)

Copied from one of the cruising forums;

“The object of cruising is not the passage. We sail from A to B in order to enjoy B. The piece (passage) in between is something you just have to do to get to B, and you should do it as quickly as possible. You will spend 5% of your sailing time doing the passages and 95% bolt upright in a great anchorage, enjoying the boat and all the other things that we love about cruising”

1st Year Update!!

The Last Four years (May 2022)