Saint Martin-de-Ré

Sorry no smart arse pun this time, not much you can do with it really.

The beautiful harbour of St Martin-de-re sits on the Northside of the Île de Ré

Its a very typical French fortified town with an inner harbour inside the walls. Its a fairly tricky manoeuvre getting in, coupled with a very packed visitors area. We managed to get in ok and even managed to successfully “raft off”(moor up) alongside without any fatalities or damage to other yachts.

Once in, you’re treated to a very St Tropez type French harbour surrounded by cafes and restaurants.

….but by far the greatest surprise was from our mates Dawn and Ian (friends we’ve known for years from our time in Brighton) just as I was tying down our shore lines I heard this voice from behind me saying ” do you need help with them lines mate” it took a double take to recognise them as they were the last people we were expecting to see, because we had had a conversation with them earlier in the day and were going to Skype that that evening to arrange a break for them, of course we now realise it was all a complete rouse to he extract from us our location and time of arrival, they had diverted their travel to the Pyrenees to surprise us.

St martin-de-re video

Next port of call is La Rochelle where we will stop for a few weeks to carry out a few mods, finish off a few jobs and allow Helen to pop back for a couple of meetings.

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