Rubicon Marina – Lanzarote

Rubicon – (def) A limit that when passed or exceeded, permits no return and typically results in irrevocable commitment.  

I’m not sure that definition applies here, but we can easily see that once here, that it could be difficult to leave.

Marina Rubicon is situated at the southernmost end of Lanzarote and is nestled in a natural bay to which a breakwater has been added, surrounded by restaurants and bars, a reasonably well-stocked chandlery, boat services (sailmaker, engineers etc), a decent mini supermarket and a very nice pool, which, like your electricity and water is included within your marina fee, make this a very nice place to stay.

This marina is really what all decent marina developments aspire to be, but unfortunately more often than not never quite make it, mainly because they cannot sustain enough throughput of visitors to keep the restaurants and bars working, often resulting in a high churn of business and many boarded up premises. At Rubicon this throughput is delivered by people walking to it from the local resort of Playa Blanca and the hotels and holiday home developments surrounding it, Trust me if they had to rely on us boaty lot they would have gone out of business ages ago.


We originally only intended to stay a week, but have been lulled by its charm and facilities and therefore signed up for three weeks, allowing us to finish of the majority of jobs on our list that we were going to do at Las Palmas. The local car hire is cheap enough to use now and then, allowing a trip into the major town of Arrecife, should the local guys not have what you want.



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