Well that’s it, we’ve finally left

At 5 am on the 20th May, we finally left our home port on our way to the Caribbean, we had a few extra drinks with a few mates on Friday which as always, turned into a bit of a session and we ended up dancing in the local Chinese ( they had a disco). Saturday was spent loading all the last minute items (and removing some) with our trusty mate Dave! We passed on the ownership of our very reliable Honda onto Bob, handed our keys into the marina and settled in for our early start.

Our intended stop for the night was supposed to have been Dartmouth but after 10 hrs of motoring through a thoroughly miserable day and cold weather, we decided to pull into Weymouth, we left at first light and made Dartmouth on Monday


  1. Bitter sweet watching the amazing leaving video. Very happy for you and the start of your quest but saddened for us that you have left the UK. Godspeed and inshallah we will.meet again in sunnier climes. Lots of love and good wishes Mahboob Victoria and Adam xxx

  2. Well done guys…fantastic you have both achieved this goal and can now experience the reality of it..wish you all the best on your journeys…xx

  3. Can’t believe you’ve finally done it! So sorry not to have seen you for so long – life has a habit of taking over. Wishing you an absolutely amazing adventure and look forward to seeing all the updates. You are one brave couple to be doing this, but you will have an absolutely fantastic time. Lots of love, Gem xx

  4. Well done to the camera man, keep them coming mate although I hope I don’t feel as sad after seeing the next ones! Can’t belive the day has finally come around and your actually leaving us, still we will come and track you down before and after the Atlantic crossing so you can’t avoid us!
    Best of luck guys and the greatest of adventures, enjoy

  5. We are glad that we could wave you off at that unearthly hour! We went back to bed by the way. Hopefully catch you in Portugal. Safe sailing. x

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