Clever Gizmos

As any of you that know me personally, or have been following this blog for any period of time can testify, finding an excuse to buy a new Gadget or Gizmo is never a difficult task for me, although my activities are now more closely monitored by Helen, in a vain effort to limit the amount of stuff thats can sensibly be fitted onto the boat before for our travels!

That said when it comes to camera gear, as long as its small, she’s generally a tad more flexible. So you ask what has he got now?

Well its a Samsung Gear 360, a tiny little round thing, between the size of a golf and cricket ball






It has its own rechargeable battery, up to a 64gb micro sd card, a fisheye camera facing forwards and backwards and takes the most amazing VR (360 deg) Pictures, which thru a piece of Samsung software can be uploaded to Youtube.

Ive been playing with it all weekend and nipped down to the boat today for a couple of quick shots to demonstrate it. (unfortunately it doesn’t work in Safari on a MAC, but seems to work everywhere else inc iPads and iPhones) With the iPads and iPhones you can actually turn round with the camera and the picture turns with you. (PS As soon as the video starts to play pause it then push the screen round with your mouse)

Gear 360 on the boom of Allegrini


Gear 360 on the bow of Allegrini

Next Year

Well here we are in 2017, we can officially say we are leaving next year now.

It seems like a lifetime of waiting, but its actually on us now, as you can see from the countdown timer we are about 14 months till we leave.

Still got a mountain of jobs to do, including fitting the Pilot Satellite System that we bought at the london boat show (our last big purchase!)








Ill do a full write up on this when i actually install it!

December 25th 2016









A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Limehouse London!


Fate would have it!

If you just take 2  secs to read back over the previous post you will see how i was extolling the virtues of the Eberspacher. Well that all came to an abrupt halt last week when, for no apparent reason, it just stopped working. No whine, no putt putt putt, misfire. belches of smoke or any symptom that would indicate it was going to fail, nothing, not a sausage!

Anyhoo managed to find Alan the Eberspacerman, from the noticeboard in the marina, (lot of canalboats have Eberspachers) Alan popped over whipped it off and back to his workshop. A call a few days later confirmed the worst, it was completely corroded and had basically disintegrated. We knew that it had been badly fitted the first time round, as the shipwrights (if you can call them that) had installed the exhaust too low to the water line, which meant every time we healed over the heater filled with water, salt water, salty corrosive water, the kind that eats away aluminium and most other metals it comes into contact with, we new it had shortened its life, but not this much!

Alan priced up the cost of parts, which by the time you added the vat, was only 100 quid of the cost of a new one. So thats what we’ve done, bought a new one. Whilst i was on the website, i added up the cost of building a new heater from parts and its nearly 5 times the cost, bloody ripoff!

In the meantime its install will get added to the list of jobs to be done between now and March. Back in the warm flat now so not so urgent!








Back in the flat

Well the end of our 6-7 weeks will be over this weekend, as we hopefully move back into the flat. Its actually been a bit of an eyeopener as to what she will be like to live on full time, although with the addition of a very extensive wardrobe, which we wouldn’t have when we do set sail.

Cooking and living on her over the last few weeks has been really easy, with the Erberspacer coming on at 6am each morning to heat the hot water for showering and warming the boat to a decent temperature of 22 degs by the time we get up at 7am. has been very comfortable, that coupled with a two decent pubs and Sunday lunch being offered by both has made our stay in Limehouse a pleasurable one.

Moving off the boat will now give us a chance to do all the little jobs we need to do whilst shes in London, before we head back down to Swanwick for the summer.

We’ve enjoyed our stay so much in Limehouse that we have decided that as most of our friends live in London, that we will come back next winter and actually leave for our travels from Limehouse, which will allow us to have a big party here before we go!


Well as of this yesterday evening we are now officially liveaboards, as we have moved out of the flat and onto the boat at Limehouse in London for 6 weeks while we gut and rebuild the Flat.

It was a bit manic trying to get everything sorted as we seem to have accumulated an extremely high amount of stuff, but Helen did a fantastic job and managed to get the bulk of it into boxes, with a little help from “yours truly”.

We managed to get enough clothes for work for the both of us into our guest cabin, with the oversplil going to the storage we have short term rented.










Southampton Boat Show 2016

Another great visit to out main boating shopping event of the year. We went on the last Saturday, it seemed really busy, after speaking with a few people we do business with, they all were reporting that this was one of the best financially for a long while, so much for Brexit!

We were relatively good with our spending this year, with just a couple of items of clothing and only one spur of the moment purchase, a cyclone spa shower head







The highlight of the afternoon, however was picking up our monsterous Parasailor. Unfortunately we wont be able to sail it till march, hopefully on our way back round to Swanwick from London.









The Move

Well this week we moved the boat.

We were going to take two weeks out and sail around the channel islands, but what with the flat refurb in October, we thought it would be smart to move the boat up to London and live aboard while we tear the flat apart.

So we took a week lazing around Mallorca and then a week moving the boat from Swanwick to Limehouse in London, stopping on the way to catch up with old friends in Brighton for a couple of nights and then Eastbourne to look a a friends possible future purchase, then onto Ramsgate, catching four different pods of Porpoises on the way, before spending a whole day with friends traveling up the Thames, arriving Sunday evening.




QE2 Bridge


I’m on the boat and the sun is shining, what more?


The City and the Wharf


Our new home for six months





















So were are now here in London on a 6 month Winter Contract moving back down to Swanwick in March, by which time it will be a year until we leave on our big adventure!



This weekend Stuart from Seateach came aboard and we trialled a Parasailor sail.

Its another one of those things including a Hydrovane that we’ve been humming and hawing about for sometime. So this weekend we managed to find time in all our diary’s and arrange a meet.

The morning was quite sparse when it came to any sort of decent wind, but we managed to get it up and understand how and how not to…

IMG_2969IMG_2970 IMG_2968









The afternoon we were invited onto another of Stuarts customers boats to try one out with a little more wind, in fact a little more than we had hoped for, which made interesting sailing.

Overall a cracking piece of kit, although at nearly £8k expensive for a sail, the jurys out!


Well its been nearly a month since we last posted,so i thought i’d better just do a little catch up.

We managed to sort out the Raymarine issue, it appears that on the new version of software you have to upgrade the hardware in a specific order, although as our kit does it automatically via wifi, we were a bit miffed, but hey ho all sorted now.

We’ve decided to move the boat up too london for the winter, mainly so we can stay on her, whilst we decorate the apartment, (well when we say decorate, what we actually mean is “gut the apartment” new kitchen, bathroom and decorate throughout) but also so its only round the corner, so we can do all of those little jobs that never get done when we visit her at the weekend because were generally sailing. so we’ll be able to fit the Fuel polisher, the flow meters, fit the washing machine and find homes for sort storage etc.

Oh and I’ve bought another drone, this ones better than the first one, because its fully waterproof (splashdrone) drone, i saw it after reading fellow cruiser site(followtheboat), haven’t had a real chance to fly it yet, so watch this space!