This weekend Stuart from Seateach came aboard and we trialled a Parasailor sail.

Its another one of those things including a Hydrovane that we’ve been humming and hawing about for sometime. So this weekend we managed to find time in all our diary’s and arrange a meet.

The morning was quite sparse when it came to any sort of decent wind, but we managed to get it up and understand how and how not to…

IMG_2969IMG_2970 IMG_2968









The afternoon we were invited onto another of Stuarts customers boats to try one out with a little more wind, in fact a little more than we had hoped for, which made interesting sailing.

Overall a cracking piece of kit, although at nearly £8k expensive for a sail, the jurys out!


Well its been nearly a month since we last posted,so i thought i’d better just do a little catch up.

We managed to sort out the Raymarine issue, it appears that on the new version of software you have to upgrade the hardware in a specific order, although as our kit does it automatically via wifi, we were a bit miffed, but hey ho all sorted now.

We’ve decided to move the boat up too london for the winter, mainly so we can stay on her, whilst we decorate the apartment, (well when we say decorate, what we actually mean is “gut the apartment” new kitchen, bathroom and decorate throughout) but also so its only round the corner, so we can do all of those little jobs that never get done when we visit her at the weekend because were generally sailing. so we’ll be able to fit the Fuel polisher, the flow meters, fit the washing machine and find homes for sort storage etc.

Oh and I’ve bought another drone, this ones better than the first one, because its fully waterproof (splashdrone) drone, i saw it after reading fellow cruiser site(followtheboat), haven’t had a real chance to fly it yet, so watch this space!














Jobs, Jobs and More Jobs

Someone once said “that cruising is boat maintenance in exotic places”, well were not in an exotic place, were still in Swanwick, but that doesn’t mean to say that the jobs are any less.

This weekend alone we’ve




  • Fitted 3 Mast blocks (pulleys)
  • Re-threaded the Main and Genoa Halyards with Dynemma™


Furler Block









  • Fixed and tested the new Cruising Shute Furler block (pulley)










  • Fitted 5 new Line leads for the Cruising Shute Tack line

and i had a couple of pieces of reprogramming to do, the Generator software upgrade went well, however the navigation kit didn’t.

So something to sort during the week.


Bembridge………. Again

We can’t help coming to this place, the bar scares a lot of people off, but its defiantly getting more popular now, we bumped our way across the bar literally, but ended up having 5 boats rafted off us!

Gordon and his team rally make the effort her and the larger boats can get croissant, newspaper of there choice and fresh OJ or milk delivered to their boat each morning, talk about 5 star berthing, can’t imagine Premier getting to that level?









Had a great run out to Yarmouth this weekend, motored most of the way down on Saturday , but managed to get a amazing sail all the way back today, as you can see from AIS track.

trip (yar-Swan)


473 Owners Club

After our recent visit to Gran Canaria and in particular Las Palmas, it now looks like we are intending to cross the pond with the ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers), we deliberated for ages trying to decide wether we would or we wouldn’t, but have now decided that it would be quite nice to enjoy the camaraderie and entertainment side of this event.






Every year we look  to see how many Beneteau Oceanis 473 participate, more often or not its a couple, many blogs we still follow, Beyzano, Rafiki to name two.

We have also been contacted by Ian & Caroline from Poole who are intending to do the ARC at the same time as us with their 473, they have just started their own blog, take a look



Well nobody expected that! The weather that is, this weekend was forecast to be a typical UK bank holiday weekend, wet, damp and miserable, but as it turned out it was a scorcher on Saturday & Sunday, Monday reverted back to form, “but two out of three aint bad” (wasn’t that a meatloaf song or am i showing my age now?)

Anyhow, because we planned for a crappy weekend we had lined up the jobs i described in a previous blog, namely the new clutches, the traveller and the the new cruising chute furler, all got done because the weather was so great, so we now have 14 new clutches that allow all our sheets, vangs, outhaul, inhaul and numerous halyards to come back to the cockpit, which in short means we don’t have to go out on deck to pull any ropes! they were easy to fit as we stayed with the original Manufacturer (Spinlock) and the original Holes lined up, we had to drill a few more be for the additional clutches, but the whole operation was quite painless.











Even the traveller was reasonably straight forward, although both jobs involved several walks back and forth to the chandler to buy Silicon, blocks (pulleys), shackles, nuts, washers and bolts resulting in quite a hefty bill (10-12 mm 316 stainless steel bolts aint cheap)















The Furler also went well, although it was a bit windy and several times we had the Chute pushing hard against the mast so furled it fairly quickly, also forgot to get any pictures, but i think the video on the previous post shows what it looks like and does.

All these jobs means that next weekend we can sail, the weathers supposed to be really warm, but knowing the UK that can change in an instant!

Countdown Timer

As you can see over on the top right of our website we now have a countdown timer.

Some may say thats premature, some may say thats a long way off, but at almost two years and counting down, it helps keep us very focused.


Easter Weekend

Well what a miserable bloody weekend! I suppose we shouldn’t really expect anything else here in the UK in April, constant rain, gale force ten winds!!

We had tried to go to Bembridge on the isle of wight this weekend, in fact we actually set of Friday morning with every intention, we didn’t get far, just as we were about to reach the end of the river our water over temperature alarm went off, I checked the obvious like the raw water filter, then took the impeller cover off ( a lot easier with our SpeedSeal Cover) but both were fine then i noticed the belt was actually off the pulley and the pulley had lost the retaining nut, i rummaged in the bilges and found the nut, replaced it and managed to get the belt back on and get us back to base. Its all fairly seized up so it all had a good spray of anti seize, so i can tension the belt later.

In light of the weather i’m quite glad we didn’t go, it would have been a bit crappy coming back in this rain.

So the rest of the weekend has been fairly predictable, a few trips to the pub, then hunkered down with good food and wine and an old film 😉



Well after my second attempt, i managed to gain my Full Amateur Radio Licence, meaning I am now a fully Qualified HAM.

In short this means as well as using my marine short wave radio I can now legally “open up” (a one time key combination on initial start up) the other frequencies and talk to HAM enthusiasts all over the world.

It wasn’t something i seriously thought about doing when i bought the HF radio, but it was something I’ve always had in the back of my mind, one of the guys at work is a HAM and he egged me on to do it.

So if you are a HAM keep an ear out for MØOSY (Thats “Mike Zero Oscar Sierra Yankee”) 😉