It’s been a while since our last post, in that time we’ve both had our Covid jabs and have now started to catch up with family and friends that we haven’t seen for months and in some cases years.

Due to the Vaccine program, the covid situation has, to some degree stabilised, although the next variant is hot on its heels (Delta variant from India). The next group to receive the Vaccine are now the 18 year olds, although some stubborn older guys have still not got with the program, doh!



There is a Red, Amber, and Green country scheme in place, and dependant on where you return from has different levels of quarantine and testing.





All of Europe (with the exception of Gibraltar) is still Amber so 10 days quarantine and three covid PCR tests are required to enter the UK, this has seriously affected the tourism industry and with the new variant now increasing the number of infected cases, the 21st June lifting of all restrictions has now been bumped to the 19th July.



I think it’s going to be a long while until we see anything resembling normality pre-2020, we certainly won’t see holiday travel return for some time with Masks being compulsory on travels probably well into 2022

As for us, we are intending to return to the boat in Bilbao in July, where we’ll lift her, scape her bum, re-antifoul, new anodes, and check the prop (this hasn’t been done since Fort Lauderdale back in March 2020, although she hasn’t moved from Bilbao since Septemeber 2020, algae & barnacles haven’t had the same restrictions of movement and we expect they have had a whale of a time infesting the bottom of our boat!




Not as bad as this boat, We hope?



Once done We’ll set off along the north coast of Spain, thru Cantabria, Asturias to Galicia, stopping off on the way at La’Coruna and some of the Ria’s before transiting Portugal and the southern Spanish coast on our way to our winter stop of Cartagena.

So as soon as we get back to the boat, the blog will spring back into life again, so watch this space.


  1. Hi Helen & Steve
    Great to hear you are both doing well and that another adventure waiting for you sailing to Cartagena.
    We overwintered in Cartagena 2018/19 before continuing our voyage to Greece and loved it.
    All the best and have a great sail.
    Joan & Bert (Torami)

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