It wasn’t very eventful for most people as with us, most people ended up being on our own. As for 2020 we get the feeling that most people would rather forget it

Covid still rages on with more and more different strains emerging from all different corners of the Globe, most countries are in some sort of lockdown some worse than others. Here in Calpe were on a 10 pm Curfew and a bar/restaurant 5:30 pm closure.

Traveling between different communities is restricted and so we haven’t been to the boat since September, although we can check on systems via our Victron setup and check out the exterior and interior with our Blink camera setup it isn’t the same as being on her and even sneaking in a little sail.

The vaccination program in the UK is moving on at a decent pace 4.5m at the time of writing this, with hopes that September 2021 will see the bulk of the population vaccinated. What is still staggering is the number of people that still think that the vaccination is some sort of Big Brother tracking device or some sort of government mind control?  I have no idea why any government would want to track or control an 80-year-old? or even a 60-year-old for that matter? nothing I do would be of the slightest interest to anybody I can assure you of that! As for the too-soon/not thoroughly tested brigade, have you seen someone dying on a ventilator, I’ll take my chances thank you very much.

So with the current state of play, we honestly can’t see much change happening through the bulk of 2021 either, which means that holidays, traveling, and sailing is still going to be very stilted, the poor old tourism industry has taken one hell of a beating, nowhere more obvious here in Spain where local 70% of employment is reliant on it.

Anyway, the good news is that the Trump Era is over Briden/Harris get inaugurated tomorrow, with a majority of power in the senate too, hopefully, changes for the better are afoot. We made some fantastic friends over the Pond, most of which were going to try and get over to Europe at some stage in the future. We also met our fair share of crazies too, particularly in Georgia!!

Jake our rescued mutt is getting better and better as the weeks roll on he’s such great company now, A proper head out of car window with sloppy tongue and wind-blown chops, although he’s developed a high pitched squeal now when he gets near to the mountains or forests in the Car, we’ve stupidly made matters worse by fitting a dog hammock seat cover that gives him the full run of the back passenger seats allowing him to virtually bounce back and forth with excitement, only restrained by his dog seat belt, which if he wasn’t clipped into would probably result in him launching himself out of the window.




  1. All the best for 2021. We hope you will be in a position to give a better rating by the end of this year. It is always good to read your articles full of ideas and a good sense of humor. Warm regards Christoph and Angela

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