Calpe – November 2020

So things are beginning to calm down for us a little here on the south-east coast of Spain, we’ve been back at the villa from the UK nearly two weeks now, Residencia application grumbles along in the background, while we’re trying hard to get into a routine here, Helens got her office sorted and works comfortably from there to the rest of the world. I’ve got the bones of my music studio back together, making music is something I would like to master again so I can create my own music soundtracks to go with our YouTube videos.

Its started to cool off here a bit now (it’s always cooler in the mountains anyway) when I say cool I mean average daytime 20°C, but its a lot cooler in the evening probably 10-15°C, which compared to the Uk is still nice, although I have to confess we’ve had the fire on!

We’ve used the bar-b-que a couple of times, cooked a chicken and a leg of lamb on the rotisserie, tastes so different cook this way.

Covid also rumbles on here, not locked down like the UK, but a curfew is still in place from midnight till 6:00 am and some of the communities have closed their borders as have some of the provinces within those communities, which made it difficult to get our dog back from Murcia. DOG! oh did I not mention we’ve got a dog?

Jake is a fine fellow from a rescue centre in Albox in Andalucia, Helen saw him online and went to visit him while I was back in the UK, I can’t remember whether I mentioned that we were looking at getting a dog whilst in the USA, but what with Covid, the breeders closed down, the same in the UK, we were looking a Catahoula leopard dog, but what with Covid and the fluidity of our movement it really wasn’t the right time. We still wanted a dog, but felt that rather than getting a puppy, we thought it better that we could give a good life to a rescue, so hence Jake.


Jake is 6 years old, a good old Spanish mutt, sort of half terrier, half Spanish hound, he is a medium frame build and at the moment is quite quiet and reserved, it’s going to take him a while to adapt, he was the last of a litter of puppies that were at APSA that no-one wanted to adopt? So has only known kennel life – he had a fine bunch of friends he lived within a fenced enclosure and was very well looked after but now he now has a new home with us, for the moment we’re all just getting to know one another. more to follow…..

The boat is safely docked in Getxo Marina in Bilbao the staff are amazing and do regular patrols during windy weather (something that happens a lot in Biscay) and always check for power outages, dock lines, and the general boat well being, something we’re not used to in the UK. Being the techy geek that I am, I can check all the systems onboard remotely from my Victron GX including shore supply, battery condition, bilge pumps, temperature, and with my Blink camera setup can view several different positions both inside and out, so she’s as safe as if we were just around the corner.


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