Allegrini’s New Base – Summer 2020

Well, we left our temporary berth in Town Quay Southampton on Saturday morning and made the 23 ½ hr sail to Plymouth, our new home for the foreseeable future, well when I say sail, we actually motorsailed ¾ of the way and only really sailed the last bit from Start Point to Plymouth harbour, as there was little wind both during the day and overnight. We had decided to do it in one hit rather than stop as we didn’t want the hassle of stopping in different ports on the way down, we had confirmed our intentions with HMS Coastguard about our plans, as well as discussions with border Force. so the journey was Logged with the necessary authorities.

We have manged to get a berth in the Mayflower Marina in Plymouth, its right up into the harbour and is a 20 mins walk from amenities

Devon & Cornwall are areas of the UK that we whistle-stopped toured last time we were here, so now we’ve got some new and exciting cruising grounds for summer 2020, including hopefully the Silly Islands.


  1. Did you purposely leave out the c in the Scilly Island? Or perhaps will they be renaming them after you go there and corrupt them.

  2. Well I bet that was not in the sailing plan at the beginning of the year, how life can change so quickly eh!! The most important thing is both of you are safe & healthy and Allegrini too is in a safe harbour. There are many more ports to explore and seas to sail. We have had an extended stay at our winter berth in Sicily but hope to be on the move again In July. By the way we met you in Porto in 2018 and have loved following your adventures. Hope to see Allegrini & her crew in the Med soon⛵️😎

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