Home at Last

Well, the final piece of the “returning back to the UK” jigsaw has now been put in place as we disembarked Allegrini off the huge ship AAL Melbourne, run by shipping Company Peters & May, into the much cooler waters of the English channel after nearly a month at sea coming from Fort Lauderdale via Antigua.

This huge ship carried over 30 plus boats from the otherside of the Atlantic, with the exception of a few going onto Holland, dropped the majority off in Southampton yesterday and today. We was first on in Fort Lauderdale along with 4 others but the majority of boats were picked up in Antigua, along with Silhouette, our mates who buddy-boated with us down to the canaries and then across the ocean, Ironically, as you can probably see from the photos, Silhouette was placed next to us for the journey home!

So what now? Well for the moment we’re all at the mercy of Covid-19, we hope as things settle down and borders start to reopen, we can make our way down to the med, but in the interim as soon as movement is lifted, this summer we can hopefully start to explore some of the bits along the west coast we missed out on last time. Watch this space.


  1. Phew! Glad she’s home safe. Looking forward to catching up and hearing all about your adventures as soon as possible. Welcome home Allegrini.

  2. Glad to hear your safe and well guys. Not sure it was quite the ending to the carribean/east coast USA planned but as you say new adventures await. Onwards and upwards! Lots of love Amy, Al & Imogen x

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