“Goodbyes & Fond Farewells”

Any cruiser will tell you that one of the real negatives to this life is that sooner or later you have to say goodbye to special friends that you have cruised with and who have become more than just acquaintances. This has been the case for our Brunswick gang plus a few more additions on the way.

Let’s start with The “Handys” on Mikhaya, Brent, Rebecca, Evan and Grace and The “Doves” on Cecilia, Eric, Loren, Rivers and Zeke. We met these guys in Brunswick just before Hurricane Dorian, we immediately adopted their kids and stole Zeke their dog.

We also met Jaz and Glenn on Alibi there too (unfortunately they didn’t make the photoshoot). We spent most of August and September with them in Brunswick, they then headed south and then split, Cecilia and Alibi Making a dash for the Berry Islands, Mikhaya, bobbing down the coast and ICW, as you know we stopped in Fort Lauderdale for a haul-out etc, but we eventually caught up with Mikhaya or the crossing to the Berries.  Once there we met Amanda, Jay, Logan and Justin on Nomad and Alex & Amy on Sirena, by the time we got there Cecilia and Alibi had moved on again but Mikhaya, Nomad and us on Allegrini bumped into one and other all the way down to Georgetown, Exumas.

(From left to right, Eric, Loren, Me, Rebecca, Helen, Jay, Amanda, Amy Alex, then at the front Logan, Brent, Grace, Justin and Evan and finally the little dynamo at the front called Rivers)

Once in Georgetown, the whole family were back together, which meant an opportunity to celebrate “Graces 9th Birthday” and general excuse to just get together and party, with our obligatory Beach Bonfire (a tradition started in the Berries.)

But as with all good things they eventually have to come to an end, we’re turning around and coming back up the Exumas chain, as will Alibi eventually.  Nomad is heading over to Turks & Caicos on their way to the Caribbean then onto Europe, Mikhaya is heading to Cuba then on to the Rio Dulce, Cecila is heading south to the Caribbean, as are Sirena.

I’m sure this is only “Au Revoir” and not goodbye, I’m sure we’ll bump into one another along the way, maybe not always by boat, but all the same, it’s still just as hard to go our own ways.

We love you and it’s been an honour and a joy to be part of this extended family – thank you, guys. xx


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