Here he comes! Ladies & Gentleman may I present the evil Dorian!

So when you’re cruising the Eastern seaboard, particularly the Southern half, Hurricanes are always at the back of your mind, past destroyers like the likes of Katrina, Matthew and more recently Sandy,  Maria and Irma are more often than not the topic of conversation when cruisers get together, its a bit like a rite of passage, “aw Maria was nothing, you shoulda been here for Irma” or “they said Katrina was bad, but here the boats were leaning right over with Matthew!”  are often the kind things you hear at get-togethers!

For us we’re very much dictated to by our Insurance company, they dictate where we need to be so they cover us,  they will cover us everywhere we need to be, but only above or below certain latitudes, when there’s a named storm out in the Ocean.

Today we are all sitting in anticipation of Dorian, a little monster that started its life just of the bottom of the Caribbean, which in itself is unusual, as they more often than not form much further back over towards the Cape Verdes of the coast of Africa, that gives them time to build whilst they spin around picking up moisture and speed from the warm ocean. Dorian hasn’t had the time to do this but is much slower and as it moves between the islands it’s picking up their heat and speeding up thru the gaps.

Dorian was a tropical storm and is now a full-blown Hurricane, the difference is its a tropical storm if its winds reach 63 km/hr (39 mph). A tropical storm becomes a hurricane if its winds reach 119 km/hr (74 mph). Currently, it’s moving towards the Bahamas at around 10mph with winds reaching 115mph, its track is anybody’s guess, the forecasters are predicting a Florida Landfall, but we won’t really know until it gets a little closer in a day or twos time.

If your interested theres a couple ofreally good sites



  1. Totally get the anxiety you are going through. Hope he changes course and you and the boat come out okay. Stay safe xx

  2. Hello to you both, love following what you are doing, keep safe hope you don’t get hit too hard by the hurricane. Sue and Tony x

  3. We are monitoring the hurricane it’s said to be the worst ever on record! OMG
    Thinking of you both, our fingers are crossed that you stay safe, Sue & Tony xx

  4. Fingers crossed and hope you stay safe. We are monitoring the hurricane and thinking of you both, it’s said to be the worst on record! OMG. Keep safe,
    Sue & Tony xx

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