Praxes Telemedicine

Before setting out on this huge adventure, both Helen and I completed our advanced medical training (Proficiency in Medical First Aid (STCW) and Proficiency in Medical Care (STCW)) both through Liz Baugh at Red Square Medical.

We both thoroughly endorse this training with Red Square for anyone considering crossing an ocean or spending longer than the occasional weekend or two week charter away on a boat. The training, although intense (two separate full week courses, which are generally a month or so apart, but can be tailored to suit you) which prepares you for the “worse case scenario” whilst out of reach of normal healthcare far away from land at sea. As a “bolt-on” to this training, Liz recommended two more things, a serious First aid kit (we chose a Cat A, as its about as comprehensive as you will possibly need, with a few bolt on extras, namely oxygen and a defibrillator unit, all of which Red Square can advise and arrange for you) and the other was Praxes Telemedicine

An over the phone medical service that puts an “on call” physician on the other end of the phone 24hrs a day, 365 days of the year. An amazing service which today i tested for the first time, its a very short automated, “press 1 for this and 2 for that” front end to establish who you are, but within minutes you’re talking to a physician, who knows who are and what meds you have onboard your yacht. (Information submitted at the time of subscribing to the service) The cost  for this service is so reasonable you wonder why people haven’t got it as defacto with their other insurances?

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