Sorry for the long break, but a few things have been going on here, that have taken up our time, so this is the first opportunity I had to post.

So in short, Helen twisted her knee somewhere on the journey across, she got it checked out here in St Lucia, had the normal X-ray MRI etc, and it showed a Meniscal Tear (one of the knee cartilages ) The doctor here said that it was fairly ok and that Physio would probably cure it and that with a course of anti-inflammatories everything should be ok. and it was until it came time to leave St Lucia and move up the island chain. The day before we were due to leave it swelled up like a balloon again, by this time we were nervous that perhaps the guys here may have missed something, the MRI machine here is apparently getting on a bit in years and isn’t necessarily the latest technology. (Helen says they might as well have photocopied it)

So we spoke to the insurance again and asked if we should go to nearby Martinique, as we were told it has a European standard of medical care with up to date equipment, the insurance said we could, but their med team advised we should really come back to the UK.

We spoke to our friend Simon, (a medical man himself) and he agreed we should go back and get it checked out, not only that, he knew a man who knew about knees and kindly arranged for us to meet him, and then to top that, he and his wife Nina suggested we stay with them as they were leaving a couple of days beforehand, and lived around the corner from the hospital we would need to attend. Well since then we have become the closest of friends, they are such a lovely family who welcomed us into the home, thank you so much guys.

Well the sword of Damocles was hanging over Helens head as to how bad things were and whether she would require an opp or not, anyway after seeing the Knee specialist, the MRI showed that Helen did, in fact, have a Meniscal Tear, but also had some Arthritis that was also aggravating the situation, so he recommended Physio but also exercise and pilates, so we decided that perhaps Helen Should stay with her Mum and dad, and get all this treatment and work done on her knee in Newcastle and then come and join me in Antigua.

So Helen is now in the frozen UK nursing her knee while I’m back here in St Lucia giving Allegrini the once over.

A good friend will be joining me to take the boat up to Antigua, where Helen will jump on and then his wife will be joining all of us in the Bahamas in mid-March for a holiday.
Normal cruising service will then be resumed!


  1. Thank you for still including us in your communications. Good to get all the news of your travels. So sorry to hear about Helen’s knee! I hope that she soon recovers and can rejoin your adventure at the earliest opportunity. Good luck to you both. Best wishes from Gina – Seth Clasby’s favourite Aunt!! x

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