Pictures from the Crossing

I was going to slip these in the various post so there were timed, but to save diving back thru each blog i thought we’d just load them all here.

(Click on Images to Enlarge)

Sun Rises & Sunsets

The Sea

Land Ho

Squalls on the Radar (huge big clouds carry wind and rain!)

Obviously, there were loads, but they need sorting.



  1. Hi Steve and Helen

    Great to see you arrived safely, although we were following you on the tracker. Hope you had a good trip, the boat proved herself and you will enjoy the parties!

    Interesting to see you and Silhouette came in within a few hours of one another.

    Your long awaited Caribbean adventures start, just wish you’d got a move on so we could have met again instead of being sat in colder Cumbria 😉

    Rob & Rhian xx

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