We made it!

So here we are Rodney Bay, St Lucia 13 days exactly. (or 14 if you include the Time difference from Mindelo) The trip as reported was a mixture of highs ands lows, the highs were just the Ocean and all its trimmings, the wildlife, stars, its blueness and its bounty in the way of fish to eat. The lows were the weather overall very good in the middle with some excellent sailing, but for 4-5 days un – bloody – bearable! strong winds and violent seas making life aboard just bloody miserable.  Imagine being a clock pendulum and that’s how it is sailing downwind in big seas!

But we made it – we sailed over 2100 miles – and now the next leg of our adventure begins, on Sunday we say goodbye to our trusty crew member, the cool  totally chilled and calm sailor called Seth, we’ve known Seth for many years and when we first spoke of this journey he said “I’ll come” and so many years later when it came to fruition, we held him to his word and he joined us in Las Palmas to Mindelo and then onto St Lucia. It’s been a pleasure having him on board and we simply couldn’t have done it without him.

For us it’s a rum punch and chilled out couple of weeks before we head off to Martinique for Christmas.  Although the ocean crossing was an amazing achievement it’s all about the destination for us and we intend to enjoy it to the full.  So far the St Lucians are lovely, the marina is great and really well run and we won’t even get started on the beauty of the temperature and the surrounding landscape.

It’s a hard life!


  1. So glad you go there safely. Have been reading your blogs and have really enjoyed them.!!
    Just so happens my partner and I are in Martinque on the 28th Dec sailing in on the Princess Pacific Princess. If you are still around then would be great to catch up with a few rum punches. Let me know. Its Karen from the Canary Sail with Girls for Sail

  2. Have been following your blogs and glad to hear you arrived safely. Let us know if you feel like a trip inland to Pittsburgh any time in the next few months. We would love to see you!

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