ARC+ 2018 Day 8 Mindelo to St Lucia Leg

Looking at the stars before the moon came up last night made us realise why they are called The Heavens – we remember being able to see the Milky Way like that when we were little and there was far less light and general pollution in the UK than there is now.

Still not too old to look up and just marvel and wonder.

So biggest news for us today will be the halfway mark – we are reaching that today with some of our best sailing buddies, La Boheme and Silhouette. All quite close to each
other which in this amount of ocean is pretty amazing! I guess everyone’s halfway mark is slightly different though depending on how many miles they have sailed – we are basically .going on when there’s 1040 nautical miles left we are half way there – which will be late this afternoon. We are already 2 hours behind UK time at these co-ordinates 15° 53.015’N 042° 16.478′ W. If you plot these in Google Earth you can see exactly where we are.

From then on it’s counting down

So 850 miles to go is same as our crossing from Las Palmas to Mindelo

550 miles to go is same as Lagos to Lanzarote

250 miles to go is same as our Biscay crossing

And 100 miles to go is a Channel crossing

How far we have come from our day sails in the Solent!!!!

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