ARC+ 2018 Day 7 Mindelo to St Lucia Leg

What’s the saying “same sh*t different day” I can see that Atlantic crossings can easily become this, if you’re not careful the endless blue sea, day after day can become a bit laborious.
I don’t think that’s the case on this ship, we have a plethora of films TV shows, electronic books, bread to bake, food to prep and of course the mighty fishing experience, although recently we’ve avoided putting lines outs ( i think we peaked to early) as we’ve had enough fish for the moment!

Our second cargo ship pasted by today, only our second one in 7 days and that was over 10 miles away, apart from that we been pretty much alone out here, that said were surrounded by the other 70 odd yachts, half are ahead of us and half behind, probably only 6-10 miles away, but just over the horizon out of sight, we can just about make out their masthead lights at night.

This community aspect of cruising in company (in its loosest term) is a comfort over long distances and one of the main reasons for us joining the ARC+, that, the camaraderie and social side of this life in ports is what sells this event. It creates a kind of environment that’s an odd thing in this modern world, i suppose because you immediately have something in common and the fact that you have a limited time together before you’re off sailing again, friendships are made very quickly, so when you bump into them again in another anchorage or port, its like meeting old friends, a little peculiar, but nice all the same, excuse the pun, but maybe because were “all in the same boat”, we all have customs to clear, immigration to get signed into, supermarkets to find, engineers to locate, its a bit like the Trip advisor for yachties, packet friendships, just add water and stir?

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