ARC+ 2018 Day 4 Mindelo to St Lucia Leg

Roll roll roll your boat all the way across the Atlantic – it is simply swell here on board (see what I did there) and we predict needing quite a few alcoholic beverages to correct our side to side swagger when we arrive in St Lucia 😉

The crew and boat have settled into a rhythm and by the time the sun is up we expect to be around a quarter of the way there which is amazing.

Mr Houssart has justified the carrying of spares and tools already by fixing inevitable small breakages and I have learned to cook at all sorts of intriguing angles. Seth meanwhile is the best crew member you could possibly ask for. Thank you to Sarah, Hannah, family, friends and work for sparing him to us for this incredible journey.

We have had another boat alongside all day who are not part of Arc + – nice to have company again. Great to check out where all the other Arc+ boats are as well – we appear to be in the middle of the pack right where we want to be.

Thanks for following us and speak to you all soon.

Helen, Steve and Seth


  1. Amazing Helen – Steve G is very jealous of the fish consumption however you will never get him on a boat. Defo landlover😉 stay happy and safe. Love Sheen xx

  2. Following you every inch of the way.
    Enjoying the reassuring updates. Glad you are all well and able to enjoy your achievements as they unfold.

  3. You are amazing. Keep up the good work. Following you shortly in our tub (1pm tomorrow) looking forward to beers or rum punch in St Lucia.

  4. Excellent update guys
    Watching your progress with great interest. Glad it’s all working to plan – well done the Houssart – never doubt a Sentra trained engineer 😉

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