ARC+ 2018 Day 2 Mindelo to St Lucia Leg

Well the start of the Mindelo to St Lucia Leg started without any hitch. Well as long as you don’t count the lack of wind as a hitch. This has continued until now where we have now about 5-6 knots, although forecasts for tonight and tomorrow show it building.

We weren’t long out of Mindelo when we caught our first Tuna, a handsome little devil which has provided us with dinner on the bar-b-que last night and it will be enough for a nice stir fry tonight. We also had a visit at twilight from a lovely little pod of atlantic dolphins who played and frolicked with us for about an hour, coincidence they came when we caught the tuna, good omen?

The noticeable difference in temperature just a few miles out is great, although the trip down has been warm, you notice that you are definitely in the tropics now, not as we’ve heard like the UK now down in single digits, brhhhh!

We’ve got some company with two other yachts, in fact two catamarans, La Boheme and Starship Friendship – nice to see friendly lights out there for our first night in this vast ocean – which is at the moment 5,000 meters deep. Without Google we are unable to remember which mountain is the same height – answers on a postcard please.

Next on the bucket list is to sight some whales – they have been elusive so far except for the fake killer whales who are really dolphins – these really exist look them up! Wish us luck

Don’t forget to check out the YB tracker to see how we are doing and where we are…


  1. Your a little deeper than Ben Nevis is high, good luck on your journey, we visited St Lucia last week, we docked in the capital and it appeared everyone was off their heads on Chrystal meth and the place was a hole. When we got to the other side it was stunning. Safe journey x

  2. Fantastic to read about your adventure including the sea and boat company. Guess the night sky will be full of stars – maybe shooting ones; a Milky Way? Let us know and enjoy the tuna.

  3. Sounds wonderful!! Keep watching for whales and let us know. Hope the weather stays lovely and warm – just spare a thought for us Brits, slowly chilling. But enjoy the tropical weather and hope you get some fair winds to drive you onwards safely. Best wishes and lots of luck – Gina and Lynsey.x

  4. We have tried various mediums to communicate, but not sure if any actually arrive. So trying this one. We are hugely impressed, and proud, of your achievements so far and are enjoying sharing them with friends ( who are now also following your progress ) as you edge towards St Lucia. Understandably, our admiration is tinged with a slight sense of worry, but we have every confidence that the three of you are more than equal to the the challenges, expected and unexpected, that you are likely to encounter.
    The daily updates mean so much and are a source of huge interest.
    Take care all of you and continue being enthralled at the experience. What an inspiration to all.
    Mum and Dad

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