Mindelo – The Cape Verdes

We arrived at 18:42 local time, sun had just gone down, bay was pitch black, just dotted with the lights of anchor boats and the backdrop of Mindelo town shoreline. We were guided in by the ARC+ team by a flashing handheld torch to our berth.

We tied up, plugged into the power and literally ran up the pontoon to join the welcoming party!

The next morning with hangovers in tow, we started to get the boat straight, lessons learnt on what should have been stowed better for this kind of voyage.

We now have another two days  of refueling, stocking up on provisions and getting ready for our trip “across the pond” to St Lucia


  1. Guys well done we have are so pleased you arrived safely and enjoyed the journey. We can’t wait to hear all about it in person. Hope it is not too mad the next couple of days but enjoy. Have fun and stay safe all our love Anita and Stephen

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