ARC+ 2018 Day 7

When we say day 7, in reality its only day 6 of sailing as we’ve included the Sunday we left as a whole day, but it will only be day 7 after 13:00 today, if that makes sense?
So in short if we maintain our current speed, we are due to arrive around 21:00 tonight, which means it has taken us 6 days 9 hours or thereabouts.

The landscape, which sounds odd as we are speaking about the sea, has been at times nothing short of biblical, with sunrises and sunsets that would put most hollywood directors to shame. (insert one here later)

The pack of 70 odd other yachts making this trip have been spread out far and wide, certainly for us, following the more direct route and not necessarily chasing the wind, we haven’t seen a soul in days, with the exception at night of the odd tanker heading in the other direction in the far distance.

As already mentioned the sea life has been abundant, but for me, its the solitude that gives time for thought, you soon begin to appreciate what it was like for the early sea explorers and what great distances men over the centuries have travelled in search of land. The technology has moved on, but ultimately its still just little old you in a small boat in the middle of a great ocean.

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