ARC+ 2018 Day 2

Well that was a fairly non eventful first night, wind dropped about to zero about 3am, much to our disappointment we had to put the donkey on! hey ho.
This mornings a bit better, forecast says we should get a bit more wind during the day, but it will die again tonight/tomorrow morning.

Everyone is in fine spirits, just sitting down to one of Seth’s finest fried egg sarnies!

Its surprising dull out here off the African coast, with patches of rain, we’re forecast 30 degs in Mindelo, better get a move on!



  1. Glad still enjoying adventure – windy and rainy here enjoy that heat and dont wish for too much wind!! Stay safe loads of love the 3 S’s xxx

  2. Hello all aboard Allegrini!! We are all missing you at home but go go go and enjoy the adventure!! M&D at home now, having seen you off. Look out for dolphins and flying fish and make sure you bring home some fab photos. Lots of love to all

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