Fiqueira de Foz, Peniche, a brief stop in Lisbon and onto Lagos.

We had spent far much longer in Porto than we had originally planned, and probably drank and bought far to much Port! This meant that our intended stay in Lisbon had to be cut short for us to reach our rendezvous with the Silhouette crew in Lagos for our cruising in company to Lanzarote.

We left Porto and headed for Figueira de Foz for an overnight stopover, a fairly uneventful trip as was the next overnight at Peniche, just the kind of 8-10 hour runs you need when you just need to get somewhere, that said you had to have your wits about you, with the plethora of lobster pots that seem to be strategically placed on every bay, point or entrance to a port!

Lisbon, We arrived into Cascais in the afternoon, an intriguing little town on the mouth of the Tagus river, its been fairly anglicised over the years and has the obligatory English pubs and the high street food chains now commonplace in the UK, I have to confess we took advantage of a local curry house and had one of the nicest currys outside the UK. Cascais has a main train line running into the centre of Lisbon which is a 40-minute ride So how best to see Lisbon on a short stay? There are a couple of easy options, a guided tour via Took-Took, hmmm, some are ok, some are dangerous, some have the correct paperwork, some don’t, some are the Portuguese equivalent to Uber Took-Tooks. The other option is by taking the 28 Tram, the longest of the municipal tram routes, a bit like the London number 9 bus route, or the central line. This often tightly squeezed route covers the majority of the Lisbon sights, probably not as tailored as the took-took but a lot safer.


So after just a couple of days in Lisbon, we had to move on, I’m sure we didn’t see a fraction of what we could have, it looked an intriguing city, but needs must we had to move on. We had intended to stop over in Sines to break the journey, but it was such a beautiful day and evening we decided to press on straight to Lagos.


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