Pontevedra, Sanxanxo and the Isla Cies

Sanxanxo, is the Ria Pontevedra’s equivalent to San Tropez, its where the Madridian’s go on holiday, we stopped a couple of nights as we had a range to meet an old work collegue, although she’s not that old!

I had worked with Paloma at Selfridges, she was an Architect in the design Department, she and her family had holidayed in Sanxanxo since she was a little girl, so when we said we were in Bar Silvestre she knew exactly where we were. It certainly helps ordering food when you have a local with you


The next morning we had a cracking sail over to the “Isle Cíes” a two of Galcia’s island Nature Reserves we were told we shouldn’t miss them, but it required permission from the Spanish government in advance, the lovely Carmella in the marina office in Portosin had helped us fill in the paper work a few weeks earlier, all we had to do was apply for an online Anchoring Permit for each of the days. Although the Island are beautiful, the overnight stay was uncomfortable due to a combination of the tourist boats arriving and departing at full pelt during the day and the Razor Clam fisherman weaving in and out of the Anchorage overnight. One interesting aspect was after all the effort to obtain the permission to visit, nobody checked our paperwork!

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