Ria Arousa

With the Trip to Santiago and Canon de Sil, we had originally intended to stay in Portosin for just a week, but a last minute phone call from a old friend, extended our stay another 3 days.

We picked Russell up from Santiago Airport and made our way back to the boat just before lunch, we set off immediately and had a great sail out of the marina and around into Ria Arousa, where we anchored off a little village called Ribeira, there are some tricky rocks in the bay that are submerged at high tide, we had already spotted them on the charts, but a chap called Patrick came across in his dinghy to warn us anyway and as always a conversation started, before long he went back and got his girlfriend and i ended up cooking dinner for the 5 of us. Along with a few glasses of wine and beer!

The next morning unusually we had some wind, we  had a great sail and made our way up to the top right of the Ria to “Villagarcia de Arousa” a great little town with some great Tapas bars, we had missed the famous water fight by one day (apparently as big as the tomato fight and nearly as popular as the bull running in Pamplona! However we found a great little watering hole called  a Gintoneria!

we spent a couple of days there, before our guests time had run out and we had to get Russ back to the Santiago for his flight back to the UK. As soon as we had bundled him off in a cab we set sail back down the Ria to Ribeira to spend the night in the marina before heading round the corner to Ria Pontevedra to meet another old friend.

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