To the end of the earth!

We left Camarinas on a lovely sunny day, but sailed into fog more or less as we reached the headland, that stayed with us in one form or another (sea fret, coastal mist and fog) most of the way, including passing round the infamous Finisterre ( translates as “the end of the earth”. In Roman times it was thought to be the end of the world as known to them at that time), like many of the other infamous headlands on our way down from the UK, its passing was rather uneventful, although in again we would want to traverse it in rough weather!

The fog gradually subsided as we arrived in our next port of call, the beautiful Ria of Muros. Muros is the first of the “bigger Rias” with numerous anchorages, bays and marinas inside, we opted to travel straight in as far as we could with a view of visiting the places on the way out, so we anchored in the stunning bay of Esteiro.

The weather was warm, the sea calm so after we anchored and  settled in we woke the next morning and immediately dropped in our kayaks, these have not seen water, for many years as they were at the back of our lockup in Swanwick awaiting this trip, so it was great to get our balance and hopefully kick us into a regular workout.

Whilst bobbing about we bumped into Charles and Di from S/Y Asturias, a couple we met back in Riberdeo, we were cordially invited aboard for drinks, but due to some of there guests cases mix up at the airport, failed to make it, i’m Sure it wont be the last opportunity with these two!

The next morning we decided to up anchor and make our way over the bay past the little Isla de A Creba and onto the town of Portosin, this is on the south of Muros (bottom right of the map)




Portosin is a bustling fishing village, which we happened to catch right in the middle of another fiesta, this time the “Festas do Virgen del Carmen” a wild weekend with fireworks, live music and DJ on Saturday till 3am and Sunday till 5:30am, dont these people go to work!? The religious process behind this fiesta is that the statue is taken from the church through the streets and onto a boat, this is then driven around the Ria, scattering flowers and blessing all the souls of the lost Fisherman that have died  at sea. After a manic DJ that had been playing something between Garage, hiphop and wild Cherokee Indian chants until 5:30am, I wish I was lost at sea!

In situations like this when the local entertainment is amazing to be part of, its sometimes far to easy (living on a boat) to  just visit the first mile or so of the town, often in search of the supermarcado for provisions and catching the odd church/tourist attraction en-route, the danger of this is that sometimes you miss the stunning interior of an area or country.

So a few days later once recovered, we hired a car and decided to do some overland, we headed to the main city of Santiago de Compostela and further!

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  1. That pallea looks amazing. Looks you are having a fantastic time. Did Steve do a guest DJ spot with his lights?😁😁

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