Cedeira – Galica (Northern Spain)

Blog from Helen – my first one abroad

So – we did it – we arrived in Cedeira.

Just under 6 years ago we surprised our great friends, April and Cain, by visiting them in this beautiful Ria.

We’d bought the boat a year or two before and were planning our own trip.

To be honest I never in a million years thought I’d make it to Cedeira under own own steam – or wind!  But here we were, breathing in the heady scent of pine from the mountains that surround the bay.

I am so proud of us, so in love with my husband, our boat and this journey and feel very blessed.

April and Cain have just arrived in French Polynesia after 37 days at sea – awesome and well done guys. www.spiritofargo.com.   To be honest I can’t in a million years think that I’ll ever make that voyage – but then I thought that about Cedeira didn’t I? 😉

And now for the normal bloggy bit… Cedeira is a municipality in the province of A Coruña in the autonomous community of Galicia in northwestern Spain. It is situated in the northern coast of the Rías Altas (the seafood coast) and our second anchorage of the trip.


The first night at anchor was a little interesting – with gusts of up to 40 knots.  We got up a couple of times in the night to check our position but the Rocna held firm and we didn’t drag anywhere.  Cedeira is a Spanish seaside resort with very few English tourists except us few cruisers but needless to say it has excellent tapas bars. This visit though we didn’t sample the notorious Goose Barnacle – Google it as I don’t want to look at any more pictures of it than I have to so am not posting here!

We spent a lovely sunny day here followed by a very foggy one and said goodbye to Cedeira flanked by dolphins who had come to play in the surf near one of the beaches.

Then on to A Coruna when we actually managed to get a sail half the way there rather than motoring and Steve spotted an enormous false killer whale.  Still haven’t caught any fish but we will keep on trying.


  1. Steve, Helen,
    been thinking about you guys wondering how you are getting on and where you are
    just found your blog, very interesting definitely keep eye on this for info on what you are up to on your travels
    we are off to Sicily next week so looking forward to the break from work, you remember about work ?
    good luck and stay safe and bon voyage

  2. HI Helen and Steve, Thanks so much for keeping us in touch. We’re loving following you on your journeys. John gets our Dorling Kindersley atlas out to follow your route and see where you are. The D.K. has lots of information about the places so we almost feel that we’re with you – we get very excited. Mind you we held our breath as you crossed the Bay of Biscay – but you obviously did it. We’re so thrilled for you and wish you an increasingly brilliant time. We can’t wait for even more stunning photos. Meanwhile, we expect that you know that we’re having a heat wave here. Beautiful weather but we old folk have to keep away from it some of the time. John’s had his 3rd Chemotherapy – from the second type (after the first type didn’t work). He copes well with side effects – with lots of sleep. We aim to get out most days – good old Derbyshire is looking great, though yellow (burnt grasses) rather than green and sparkling. Eva and Ben (now 2 years old with a great zest for exploring and racing around everywhere) were here yesterday. Zoe has just finished her second year at school. They go to Morzine in the French Alps in a couple of weeks for their holiday. Keep enjoying yourselves and revelling in the lovely friend you are making. Loads of love from us both to you both. Chris and John

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