Our First Foreign Anchorage

About 5 hours from Ribadeo is the lovery anchorage of Viveiro, it does have a Marina, but now that we’re heading to Spanish Ria country there really isn’t any necessity to use them so much, as these Rias, (huge coastal/inland lakes connected to the sea)  are some of the most beautiful anchorages in the Med/Europe.

At anchor Allegrini has more solar and wind power than you can shake a stick at, although as I write this there isn’t much sun and the wind isn’t really constant enough to maintain any decent charge, so we are eating Into our battery reserves, so we’ll need sun or wind or both in the next few days otherwise we have to start the generator. but I’m not concerned as long as we will have enough to power the TV and watch the World Cup, along with a few cold beers tonight.

We seem to be travelling on and off with other boats that are making a similar journey to ourselves, as we’re In the bay with several other boats that we’ve bumped into on the way down, some as far back as Cameret-sur-mer. Apparently this is quite a common thing amongst boaties, with friendships being forged to last a lifetime.


Football might be coming home, but we’re not, tomorrow we’re off to Cederia another cracking anchorage we discovered when we visited April and Cain of Spirit of Argo when they set off on their journey around the world.  They have just reached the Marquesas after an epic crossing of the Pacific – well done guys we miss you loads xx

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  1. Sounds like you are definitely fulfilling your dreams – its a wonderful life. Love the sound of anchoring out side of the marinas – so beautiful.

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