Travelling around in Vannes

No not a group of us jammed into the back of a Ford Transit, but a beautiful city at the top of the Gulf of Morbihan, accessible through a tiny entrance and canal right into the heart of the city, both of which gave a little cause for concern for us and the crew of Silhouette, as the widths and depths leave no margin for error.

We’ve spent the last three days in this stunning location, amazing food markets, great little cafes and restaurants and a medieval walled city that could keep you busy exploring for weeks.

This evening we leave and exit the gulf for Crouesty, a port just on the outside, for an overnight stay before heading across to l’herbaudière, before heading over the next day to the Île d’Yeu a tiny island just off Les Sables-d’Olonne (another little stop on our route south.) before heading there next week.


Vanne Exit video.

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  1. Looks beautiful guys. They really knew how to make a velux roof light in medieval times. Lol. Looks like your having a trip of a lifetime. Hang on. It is a trip of a lifetime.

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