Out on the Raz!

No not a group drinking session, but navigating a notoriously tricky piece of French coastline, called the “Raz de Sein”. You may recall the famous lighthouseman photo below.

This area is known for being hit by the rough weather,  along with quite a strong tidal race (strong current) that changes direction with the change in tides.

So careful planning for a weather window and getting the right state of the tide is essential.

We left Camaret-sur-mer at around 7 am on an outward tide to aim to get at the Raz just as the tide was turning in our favour and carry on around the corner and along the coast to Concarneau.

As you can see we got it right and therefore had a fairly uneventful trip onward (forgetting about the ever-present “Atlantic Swell”) we got into Concarneau around 5pm, a stunning little French town with a marina right in the middle of town, it’s most attractive feature an ancient walled city with seawater moat within walking distance. We will explore tomorrow!

As always Click on Images for larger quality.


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