We’ve finally left the UK…..

So we left Falmouth, although rain was forecast, we had a blazingly hot sunny day, which stayed with us until about 10pm that evening, very little wind again, in fact what wind there was, On the nose (coming towards us) then a stunningly beautiful sunset followed by a full moon, which we had until dawn, by which time we had reached the French coast. Then came the rain, we eventually got into Camaret-Sur-Mer about 24hrs later.






  1. Well done Guys.The adventure has began. Worth all that waiting and hard work⛵⛵⛵🍹🍹🍸🍸😁😁

  2. Hi
    Glad to see you made the escape
    Our paths will probably cross as we are now down in north Spain slowly heading north in MANIC

    All the best
    Nick & Marie

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