Washing Machine

Another job completed last week was the installation of the boats washing machine, don’t laugh, i’m serious, although i expect to be wearing shorts t-shirts and flips flops most of the time, the bed linen still needs to be washed.

Many cruisers wash they’re stuff in tubs on deck a bit like dreading grapes, or with plastic containers and a plunger type system along with a mangle

As i keep saying to people i’m 57 not 27, i want the creature comforts of home. So we plumped for a small Zanussi ZWC 1301 

a 670mm(H) x 495mm(W) x 515mm(D) 3kg model that lives bolted to the superstructure in the starboard side berth along with the additional fridge freezer and the ice making machine, it will more than cope with the sheets and pillow cases etc. Its still 240v not 12v which means were going to have to start the generator to use it, but well probably have to run it once a week at anchor anyway, to top the batteries up and run the watermaker.


    1. Yes, great question, I wondered if anyone that knew or owned a 473 might ask that. Fortunately sometime ago the starboard rear berth was designated as a storeroom/workspace, so we cut a Hercules hatch down between the starboard-side lazarette/deck cupboard and the cabin. Maybe i should do an article on that?


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