This week we’ve both been attending the Warsash Academy, (A naval college where all the merchant navy get various elements of their on board training) to complete our Part 1 Proficiency in Medical First Aid (STCW). This is an qualification somewhere between the 3 Day St Johns Ambulance and the our next stage which is Part 2 Proficiency in Medical Care (STCW) on  board ship, which will allow either of us to provide whatever care necessary to keep someone alive and well in the middle of an ocean. Including if necessary, sewing them up, performing minor surgery, or administrating drugs. 😉

This first week has been eventful with the focus on CPR, Shock treatment, treating leg, arm and spinal injury’s and stab wounds, which Helen assures me wont happen but i sort of don’t believe her?


  1. Well done guys. So wish we had done the course before we left.
    You will be well prepared for your longer passages, but most of the time it will be ‘anchorage incidences’. Silly people sticking their hands in wind generators or falling into their dingies drunk. I am not admitting to anything?!!?
    Good on you!

  2. Does it cover rowing a dinghy with a broken hand??? Just booked next winter’s mooring in the Villaine so we have to stay in France another year. Quel domage… See you on the way down – not long now.

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