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For regular readers of this blog, I have been quite remiss and haven’t posted anything for nearly two months now, although a lot has happened and we’ve had some amazing times with friends on the boat, I don’t think there’s any particularly interesting involving our plans to write about. But anywho, to quote Stephen Hawking, heres a brief history of time

  • We went to the boat show. As normal bought far more than we expected, including a brand new pair of wind generators to replace our old ones that there is nothing wrong with – I’ll write about that and the other things we bought, when i get round to fitting them.
  • Mahboob, Victoria and Adam. Mahboob is probably my oldest friend, way back from our teens, I’ve been promising him and Victoria time on the boat for ages, they have a little man called Adam (8 months) who is now by qualification the youngest helmsman we have had on board.





  • The ARC. Not just the ARC, but the fact were actually doing this, has now hit firmly home and become a reality, not that it wasn’t before, but now its booked and we’ve committed, its all very real. The planning and the requirements, spares, safety equipment and the absolute ton of kit currently in our lock up, all of which have to be found homes, not only for the voyage, but possibly for the next few years.
  • Paddle Boards. Another bi-product of the boat show, we’ve been eyeing them up for years, they’ve recently become very popular (there were are leagues of them up and down the Hamble all summer) we went out for the original inflatables made by RED, we bought the middle of the road jobbys, 10 6s, in addition to the two kayaks and folding bikes were going to come back super fit!



  • Sea Survival Training. Last Sunday we made our way down to the British Offshore Sailing School in Hamble to do our Survival training which in short means donning our waterproofs jump in a pool and try and get into a life raft, thats not strictly true we learnt all about safety procedures and distress etc then jumped into the pool.





So as of now the work on the boat really slips into top gear, as mentioned earlier there is a raft of kit(scuz the pun)to be fitted, space needs to allocated and provisioning needs to take place as well as more courses need attending ready for the April off.

Will try and keep it more regular in future.


  1. Hi Steve, I really enjoy reading your blog! Just wondered, are you still at Selfridges? I am enjoying my retirement from work and every day is delightful! Best of luck, Henriette

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