That’s it then, we’re committed now!

Well nobody expected that bank holiday weekend did they? Hottest on record apparently!
We had family down, long overdue visit, the whole lot from my side of the family including nieces and boyfriends, 8 on the Saturday 12 on the Sunday.
The sun was shining, the booze was flowing (well for the guests anyway) music was pumping. We took them over to Osbourne Bay and anchored off, followed by a mess about in the dinghy and a late afternoon bar-b-que, then back to Bursledon for the fireworks, Sunday was a slow cruise up Southampton water with enough booze to sink a battleship, Sunday Helen invited a work colleague and family. A whole weekend of entertainment, very rewarding but also very tiring.






This weekend we were due to travel with friends on their motor boat to Alderney, but unfortunately due to very strong winds forecast for Sunday, it wasn’t ideal for their first time visit, so we took them to Bembridge which they hadn’t visited either.  The weather was fine and allowed for some really nice walks, restaurants and great socialising, until the forecast Sunday weather, which when it arrived at Bembridge managed to bring rain bucketing down all day.  This meant Sunday lunch at Brading harbour yacht club, never to be missed whilst here and some chilling out on the boat time.






Our friends Ian and Caroline Moors form “Silhouette” (See our previous post 473 Owner Club) texted us on Saturday to tell us the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers had opened up entries for its ARC+ 2018 (Gran Canaria to St Lucia, Via the Cape Verde Islands), we were going to leave it and sign up together at the Boat show, but Helen was nervous that we might miss out, so we all went and booked it, Ian and Caroline managed to get theirs confirmed on Friday but we didn’t book ours till Saturday so we didn’t get our confirmation till Monday, but that’s it, both Yacht Silhouette and Yacht Allegrini are both booked on the ARC+ 2018 Caribbean here we come!


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