Just one more thing…..

So while the Engineers were checking that the Prop-shaft (item 22) wasn’t leaking on the way back from the Hard Standing to our berth, we noticed that the exhaust manifold (item 18)  was leaking Gas and the water-lock (item 12) was leaking water.

Considering the amount of work that had been done to the stern-gear over the last month and the age of said items, there really wasn’t any point in trying to repair them, so it was a just a case of order new parts and fit. This took about a week, so this weekend was the first time we had a chance to test all the new gear.

So we motored up to the mouth of the river Hamble, into Southampton water and slowly opened her up to max revs (about 3500 rpm) to out surprise with no real tide either with us or against us, we reached 10 knots SOA (speed over ground) which is quite astounding considering.

Although, this work was unplanned and you wouldn’t wish it to happen, in someways were glad it did, as its quite reassuring to know that all of our stern gear has all been replaced and that our rudder and now our engine is in tip top condition.

This means that, were all set for our France trip in August!



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