All Better

After a rather stressful month ashore, Allegrini is now safely back on her berth all sorted with a rather splendid new propeller and shaft, along with a few modifications on the way.

If you read back over the previous two posts you’ll see we managed to get a net caught around the prop which in turn pulled the prop, shaft and engine mounts forward, causing sever damage to the stern gear. So much so in fact that we need a new shaft, propeller and engine mounts, along with a gearbox check and complete realignment.

Whilst carrying out these repairs we soon realised that Beneteau’s original installation was not as good as it could have been (value engineering?). So our trusty shipwright Dave, Jeff the engineer and Hamble Props devised a serious mod, by welding a flange on the sleeve that holds the cutlass bearing so that it could be bolted onto the keel, preventing it from happening again.


  1. Hi Steve
    Now that “is” a serious mod !
    So for the benefit of everyone else, to make this all fit have you had to extend the new shaft a bit? Quite jealous you’ve managed to fit a decent rope cutter too!

    Perhaps you need to patent this and get in touch with Beneteau as it looks mightily impressive.



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