Fate would have it!

If you just take 2  secs to read back over the previous post you will see how i was extolling the virtues of the Eberspacher. Well that all came to an abrupt halt last week when, for no apparent reason, it just stopped working. No whine, no putt putt putt, misfire. belches of smoke or any symptom that would indicate it was going to fail, nothing, not a sausage!

Anyhoo managed to find Alan the Eberspacerman, from the noticeboard in the marina, (lot of canalboats have Eberspachers) Alan popped over whipped it off and back to his workshop. A call a few days later confirmed the worst, it was completely corroded and had basically disintegrated. We knew that it had been badly fitted the first time round, as the shipwrights (if you can call them that) had installed the exhaust too low to the water line, which meant every time we healed over the heater filled with water, salt water, salty corrosive water, the kind that eats away aluminium and most other metals it comes into contact with, we new it had shortened its life, but not this much!

Alan priced up the cost of parts, which by the time you added the vat, was only 100 quid of the cost of a new one. So thats what we’ve done, bought a new one. Whilst i was on the website, i added up the cost of building a new heater from parts and its nearly 5 times the cost, bloody ripoff!

In the meantime its install will get added to the list of jobs to be done between now and March. Back in the warm flat now so not so urgent!








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