Back in the flat

Well the end of our 6-7 weeks will be over this weekend, as we hopefully move back into the flat. Its actually been a bit of an eyeopener as to what she will be like to live on full time, although with the addition of a very extensive wardrobe, which we wouldn’t have when we do set sail.

Cooking and living on her over the last few weeks has been really easy, with the Erberspacer coming on at 6am each morning to heat the hot water for showering and warming the boat to a decent temperature of 22 degs by the time we get up at 7am. has been very comfortable, that coupled with a two decent pubs and Sunday lunch being offered by both has made our stay in Limehouse a pleasurable one.

Moving off the boat will now give us a chance to do all the little jobs we need to do whilst shes in London, before we head back down to Swanwick for the summer.

We’ve enjoyed our stay so much in Limehouse that we have decided that as most of our friends live in London, that we will come back next winter and actually leave for our travels from Limehouse, which will allow us to have a big party here before we go!

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