The Move

Well this week we moved the boat.

We were going to take two weeks out and sail around the channel islands, but what with the flat refurb in October, we thought it would be smart to move the boat up to London and live aboard while we tear the flat apart.

So we took a week lazing around Mallorca and then a week moving the boat from Swanwick to Limehouse in London, stopping on the way to catch up with old friends in Brighton for a couple of nights and then Eastbourne to look a a friends possible future purchase, then onto Ramsgate, catching four different pods of Porpoises on the way, before spending a whole day with friends traveling up the Thames, arriving Sunday evening.

QE2 Bridge
I’m on the boat and the sun is shining, what more?
The City and the Wharf
Our new home for six months





















So were are now here in London on a 6 month Winter Contract moving back down to Swanwick in March, by which time it will be a year until we leave on our big adventure!


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