Well its been nearly a month since we last posted,so i thought i’d better just do a little catch up.

We managed to sort out the Raymarine issue, it appears that on the new version of software you have to upgrade the hardware in a specific order, although as our kit does it automatically via wifi, we were a bit miffed, but hey ho all sorted now.

We’ve decided to move the boat up too london for the winter, mainly so we can stay on her, whilst we decorate the apartment, (well when we say decorate, what we actually mean is “gut the apartment” new kitchen, bathroom and decorate throughout) but also so its only round the corner, so we can do all of those little jobs that never get done when we visit her at the weekend because were generally sailing. so we’ll be able to fit the Fuel polisher, the flow meters, fit the washing machine and find homes for sort storage etc.

Oh and I’ve bought another drone, this ones better than the first one, because its fully waterproof (splashdrone) drone, i saw it after reading fellow cruiser site(followtheboat), haven’t had a real chance to fly it yet, so watch this space!














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