Easter Weekend

Well what a miserable bloody weekend! I suppose we shouldn’t really expect anything else here in the UK in April, constant rain, gale force ten winds!!

We had tried to go to Bembridge on the isle of wight this weekend, in fact we actually set of Friday morning with every intention, we didn’t get far, just as we were about to reach the end of the river our water over temperature alarm went off, I checked the obvious like the raw water filter, then took the impeller cover off ( a lot easier with our SpeedSeal Cover) but both were fine then i noticed the belt was actually off the pulley and the pulley had lost the retaining nut, i rummaged in the bilges and found the nut, replaced it and managed to get the belt back on and get us back to base. Its all fairly seized up so it all had a good spray of anti seize, so i can tension the belt later.

In light of the weather i’m quite glad we didn’t go, it would have been a bit crappy coming back in this rain.

So the rest of the weekend has been fairly predictable, a few trips to the pub, then hunkered down with good food and wine and an old film 😉


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