We’ve been away from the boat since new year, predominantly caused by me having to attend the last part of my HAM radio class, exam this coming Thursday 🙁 She’s a good old girl though and being quite a small marina the staff do a really good job of looking after her, that coupled with remote CCTV and Energy Monitoring we know she’s ok. We’ll be back down, or i should say i’ll be back down this weekend to make sure she’s ok.


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  1. I am sure the boat is missing you.
    After a few ‘bumps and twists’ I am sure our boat would love for us to give her a rest. But it is the salty life for her.

    Added a donation button to our blog. Pathetic I know, but perhaps some rich benefactor will take pity on us.
    Here’s crossing our fingers!

    Back to the boat jobs, it never ends.
    Love you guys!

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