London 2016 London Boat Show

It’s that time of year again, we went on Sunday. A lot smaller than Southampton, they’ve now managed to fit into the Southern hall what used to spread over both the North and South.

That said it was pleasantly busy but still not crowded, after speaking to the usual suspects, (that we visit every time) Rob @ TCS, Ed @ Mailasail and Ray @ Jeanneau as well as many others, they had mix reviews, some said it was quiet, others said it was steady.

We were really restrained with Helen buying a Musto jacket, me a pair of shorts, a couple of fenders and the 2 new MOB1 from Ocean Signal

The MOB1 communicates with the vessel you have been separated from and other vessels in the vicinity (up to 5 miles range dependent on conditions)



In an emergency, MOB1 provides 2 methods of rapidly communicating your position, accurate to a few metres, back to the vessel, plus providing visual indication via its built-in strobe light. We’ve bought these because the best chance of rapid rescue if you fall overboard comes from your own vessel. Either one of us needs to be immediately aware of the incident and keep track of the other’s position whilst recovery is carried out. Even in the most moderate of seas it is alarming how quickly a visual sighting of a man overboard can be lost.



This easily Clips onto our spin lock Lifejackets and will auto-activate when the jacket inflates, so even if the other person is knocked out when they leave the boat, you can still find them, on top of this we still have our Raymarine Life Tags and our PLB (Mini EPIRB) so whatever the situation were covered, well apart from getting me back in the boat, but thats a whole other debate!



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