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Well after a 4 weeks ashore for Allegrini and two weeks for us in Guatemala (stories to follow under a separate piece), she’s back in the water, this year was all about the generator and transducers as well as a new additional sump pump, hatches  etc.

So with the new Speed and depth transducers fitted, I was able to wire them into the new NMEA 2000 network this weekend, so we have the bright new shiny Nav system in place. Wasn’t something we had planned until our mates April and cain had issues with their kit, in particular the depth Gauge (not something you really want to be without) so we thought it prudent to swap our our nav kit, some of it was as old as the boat (10yrs +)

The new kit runs on Raymarine’s latest Software called Lighthouse 2, this allows systems to function more like the modern iPads and tablets, with such niceties as pinch zoom etc, it also allows a lot more flexibility with adding additional kit and that leads to more information something you can never have enough of.

I found a great little company in Russia called Yacht Devices  who make NMEA plugin Barometer and Temperature probes,

Barometer Thermometer








allowing you to push this info into your Nav kit means you can start to collect historical data along with you routes and journey data collection, very handy for passage planning.

The hatch replacements from Eagle Windows were just as good as we had expected, although the forward hatch didn’t want to play ball and we ended up having to replace it, luckily Robert managed to find a hatch Product number, which meant we could just order the lid not the whole thing from Aquafax, not something Lewmar openingly advertise. So now we have 7 new shiny hatches!





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