Boat out October

We generally take the Allegrini out the water during October, as it misses the rush during December and January where everyones viying for pole position in the boatyard. This way we might loose out on the occasional sunny weekend but we end up pretty much having the boatyard to ourselves, with of course with the exception of those sometimes sad long term projects, the ones you soon know will never get finished because of the shear volume of work!

As were coming to the end of our very extensive program of works we only actually have a few jobs left to do, so this year apart form the obvious antifoul, were changing the depth. speed and temperature transducers in the forward hull bottom, they’re both over ten years old, so because we’ve changed all the front end gear, it makes sense to renew these too. We’ve also got the Chirp down vision sensor to fit, similar to a depth gauge but primarily used for fishing, it also gives you a sort of ultrasound of the bottom










We also took the opportunity to re-site the heater exhaust from the starboard  side waterline to the rear transom as it was sometime filling with water when we were really heeled over.

Also we are moving the generator from the starboard to the port side, for two reasons, one because there’s too much weight over the starboard side and it was mounted on a piece of exisiting plywood, and not mounted directly onto the keel and therefore is noisier than it needs to be.

We also stripped back all of the Bimini and side covers as she’ll be in the yard for 5 weeks and they would get either covered in guano or other boatyard detritus

empty deck












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