Boat Show Weekend & Hatches

Boat Show weekend this weekend, which embarrassingly reminded us we said we would reglaze the Lewmar Hatches this time last year and had never got round to it. So Saturday was spent removing the hatch tops and replacing them with squares of marine ply to protect the insides.

IMG_2400 IMG_2401








The Hinges on the hatches gave us at least half an hour of Krypton Factor style difficultly in removing them and that was after  googled it! But we eventually got it and once we had it the others flew off! 7 in all, all crazed by the sun when the previous owner had her in the Canaries. Eagle Windows are going to complexity reglaze them with new tinted Acrylic, along with new seals and refurbed handles etc

The Boat show lived up to its normal hype and presented the boaters and would-be-boaters with the usual array of GRP, we were very restrained and talked to a lot of people about ideas and stuff and only spent a few hundred quid, a rarity for us, but in all honesty we probably could fit much more on poor old Allegrini, we’ve already raised the water line twice! 😉

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